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6 Best Places to Visit in West Hartford, Connecticut​​

6 Best Places to Visit in West Hartford, Connecticut​

West Hartford, CT, is arguably one of the best places to visit for people with raging wanderlust. There’s so much to discover, sceneries to admire, and experiences to cherish. If you’re looking to appreciate nature, going to West Hartford, CT, should be on your bucket list. From the green Elizabeth Park to historic landmarks like Mark Twain’s House, this town has a plethora of places any tourist would go crazy to travel to.

Let’s take a walk down the park and see what sights and wonders the town of West Hartford, CT, has to offer.

1. Elizabeth Park

If you’re fond of strolling through parks to ease off your mind, then you’d appreciate the beauty and serenity Elizabeth Park has to offer. It’s an urban park that covers over one hundred acres of formal gardens. It also houses several recreational facilities and walking loops. This place is something you’d enjoy if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Just be sure to bring your camera because this place is a sight for sore eyes! 

In this park, you’ll find the Pond House Café, one of Hartford, CT’s top dining destinations. This restaurant serves eclectic and creative cuisine that focuses on local and fresh local produce planted in their vegetable and herb gardens. The best thing about this place is its menu varies as the season changes. The Pond House Cafe is open all year round, and it’s the perfect place to visit after strolling around Elizabeth Park.


1561 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117

2. Mark Twain House & Museum

Are you a fan of Mark Twain and his famous literary works? If so, the Mark Twain House and Museum is your place. Sam Langhorne Clemens, whom we know by his pen name, Mark Twain, and his wife, Olivia Clemens, engaged with a New Yorker architect named Edward Tuckerman Potter to design their home in West Hartford, CT. Mark Twain and his family considered this home their forever-happy home until they had to move to Europe because of financial difficulties. By 1903, they sold the home that we now know as the Mark Twain House.

This house is not only the house of a prestigious literary hero but also a museum set to honor his name. Additionally, it’s also an architectural work of art. The house is built with Victorian Gothic Revival style in mind, and legend has it that the designer of this house made it look like a riverboat. Come and see what the Mark Twain House & Museum has to offer!


351 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105

3. Art Museum at the University of Saint Joseph

Are you fond of paintings? Head to the Art Museum at the University of Saint Joseph to see their American and European paintings collections. All these paintings were made from the 1400s to the present day. This collection first started in 1937 because of the donation of a priest named Father Andrew J. Kelly. It grew again at the legacy of Reverend John J. Kelley.

This art museum houses some of the most interesting works of art West Hartford, CT, offers. Not only that, it has hosted plenty of exhibitions in recent years, which include graphics by Käthe Kollwitz and Caricatures by Enrico Caruso. Visit the Art Museum at the University of Saint Joseph to further understand how powerful art can be, especially during these modern times.


1678 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06117

4. Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society

Noah Webster is one of West Hartford, CT’s most iconic historical figures. You’re probably familiar with his name, and we can’t blame you! He’s why we have the modern-day Merriam-Webster dictionary today, and he’s probably why you can read and comprehend most of what you’re reading in this article. He has made a significant impact on how education works in America today. His most notable works, the “Blue-Backed Speller” books and the American Dictionary, are responsible for teaching five generations of American children how to read and spell. 

The Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society is one of West Hartford, CT’s historical landmarks that preserves the story and lives of one of its most significant figures, Noah Webster. In this place, you’ll find many things related to Noah Webster, such as his desk, two clocks, and 20 original editions of his books, such as his geography book, the Blue-Backed Speller, and the History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases.


227 S. Main St., West Hartford, CT 06107

5. The Children’s Museum

Another famous museum in town is the Children’s Museum, which has been around since 1927. This museum is built to ignite children’s curiosity through science and nature, and kids who visit these places can find tons of hands-on fun activities and live exhibits to enjoy. 

In this museum, you’ll find Conny the Whale, a 60-foot-long life-sized replica of a sperm whale that sprays water from his blowhole during the summer months. This replica has been sitting outside the museum for almost 40 years. It has been one of the favorite sights for many visitors and passers-by for years.

The Wildlife Sanctuary, Dinosaurs in your Backyard, and Critter Crossing are other attractions in the Children’s Museum. This is an exciting place for kids to burn off their overflowing mental and physical energy.


950 Trout Brook Dr., West Hartford, CT 06119

6. Blue Back Square

West Hartford, CT, isn’t just a place for parks and museums; it’s also home to large malls where you can eat, dine, and stroll the night away. One of which is Blue Back Square, a shopping district that is mixed with some residential spaces. Start your day by checking out what its boutiques and retail stores offer. Once you’re hungry, dine in some of the finest restaurants in town, including Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Treva Restaurant & Bar. End the night by watching a movie at Blue Back Square’s Cinepolis, the first “luxury” theater in the Northeast.

65 Memorial Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107